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Foundation course proves to be “highly effective”

Thursday 7th November 2013

An evaluation of the new Road Safety Practitioner Foundation Course has shown it to be “highly effective” and suitable for a wide range of road safety professionals.

The Foundation course was developed by Ian Edwards on behalf of the Road Safety GB Academy - the professional development arm of Road Safety GB - to “provide participants with an overview of the knowledge and skills they need to effectively and safely deliver a road safety educational intervention”.

 The course is designed to enable participants to: assess the need for an educational intervention; understand the importance of research and evaluation; and understand the need to work in partnership with other organisations.

The evaluation is based on two pilot Foundation courses held in the Road Safety GB North East and South East regions. In all 24 candidates attended the two courses, with 19 going on to attain the qualification. The evaluation is based on the Kirkpatrick (1959) 4 levels: participant reaction; knowledge/attitudes; behaviour; and organisational results.

The evaluation concludes that the course is suitable for both inexperienced and experienced road safety practitioners, but that when rolling it out the Academy “needs to give careful thought to how the course will be quality controlled and assured”.

The evaluation shows that the majority of participants felt that the course was interesting and that the content was relevant to their role. They also stated that they had been given new ideas, would recommend the course to other practitioners and had implemented elements of the course in their work.

Cheryl Evans, head of training for the Road Safety GB Academy, said: “We are delighted. The evaluation shows that the course is suitable for a wide range of road safety practitioners and that the graduates feel able to apply what they have learnt to their work place.”

Three further Foundation courses will be held in the period December 2013 – March 2014, based in Medway, Exeter and Leicester. Academy members can find full details on the Academy website.

Contact Cheryl Evans for more information about the Foundation course, or to enquire about booking a place on the course. 


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