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FirstCar seeks content for new online channel

Monday 28th October 2013

FirstCar has unveiled plans to launch its own online TV channel and is inviting young people to put forward their ideas for short films to be shown on the channel.

FirstCar is keen to hear from people who can write a script, present, film or edit.

FirstCar’s Richard Dredge said: “Bonus points are available if you’re under 25, but whatever your age, if you’ve got the skills then please feel free to throw your hat into the ring.

You need to send us a link to something you’ve already produced, or had a hand in producing, but it doesn’t matter what the subject matter is.

“Unfortunately we don’t have Scorcese or Tarantino-sized budgets, but we’re not looking for freebies either. So while we’re offering cold, hard cash in return for people’s efforts, you probably won’t be able to go straight into retirement after this project.

“But just think how much you’ll be able to dine out on the fact that you’ve worked with the one and only FirstCar team. It isn’t everybody who gets that opportunity – not even Scorcese or Tarantino…”

Send Richard Dredge an email to demonstrate the skills you can bring to the table.


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Excellent - well done Richard Dredge. I hope you will major on driving skills, courtesy and particularly safety.
Idris Francis Fight Back with Facts Petersfield

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