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‘Super heroes’ spread car seat advice across Berkshire

Wednesday 25th September 2013

A new pair of ‘intergalactic superheroes’ have rocketed to prominence while helping to promote child car seat safety at events across Berkshire.

‘Booster Boy’ and his twin sister ‘Booster Girl’ have taken centre stage at events including the Royal County Show and the Slough Festival, where they have been well received by parents and children alike.

Designed as an engagement tool to assist in the promotion of child car seat safety advice, the Booster cut outs are used to assess where children are in relation to the legal minimum height before they can stop using a seat or booster cushion. The cut out characters, mini comics and stickers are proving to be a big hit with children attending these events.

Tina Housego, Bracknell Forest’s RSO, came up with the Booster Boy concept, and then worked with the Safer Roads’ team to translate it into a package of resources.

Road safety teams across Berkshire now have a range of cut outs and supporting materials that can be used in schools and at events.

Dan Campsall, communications director for Safer Roads, said: “Rarely has it been this easy to strike up a conversation with people about important road safety issues.

“Booster Boy is a real attraction for the kids, meaning that the family pauses long enough to discuss in car safety with the parents.”

Click here to visit the Booster Boy webpage or contact Dan Campsall on 01295 731812 for more information.


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Well done Tina, another fantastic initiative from an experienced road safety officer. I have found the engagement with young people and parents using 'Booster Boy' fun, but at the same time it ensures the serious road safety message is positively received by the intended target audience. I look forward to the developments and further adventures in the name of road safety.
Cheryl Evans - West Berkshire

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