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Busy media day for James Gibson

Wednesday 4th September 2013

James Gibson, Road Safety GB Press & PR Officer, participated in a media day featuring more than a dozen local radio stations, to discuss the number of miles parents do ferrying their children around.

The media day on 3 September was organized to coincide with the launch of a new study by the insurer Allianz Your Cover which found that on average parents are driving more than 1,700 miles each year and spending the equivalent of almost seven days driving their children, and four days waiting to pick them up.

Talking about what Allianz refer to as the ‘family taxi service’, James Gibson said: "There are key safety considerations during all 'family taxi rides', the most important of which is making sure everyone is securely restrained in the car, that children are using the correct restraint or seat - and that there are no more passengers carried than seat belts available.

"Setting a good example is also paramount, so when Mum or Dad is the driver they should avoid unnecessary distractions such as using a mobile phone."

The radio media day included interviews with BBC local radio stations in Hereford and Worcester, Shropshire and Norfolk; UCB Radio (Staffordshire); Asian Star 101.6FM; 106-108 Real Radio (Yorkshire); Swindon 105; 97.5 Kemet FM (Nottinghamshire); Sunrise Radio (Yorkshire); Radio Aire (West Yorkshire); 7 Waves Radio (Merseyside); Reading 107FM; and Juice 107.2 (Sussex).


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i drive an ice cream van - no one seems to care any more about kids' safety. Some pass van too fast and have no chance of stopping. Why not tell school of motoring to tell new drivers about the risk of ice cream vans and to pass at a safe speed? I would love to tell people the very high risk.
ray oliver

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