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TTC celebrates 20 years of drink drive education

Wednesday 4th September 2013

The TTC Group is celebrating 20 years of rehabilitating drink drive offenders with a new seven year contract from the DSA to continue to provide the scheme nationally.

The TTC Group, which helped pioneer the drink drive scheme, educates more than 250,000 motorists each year - including drink drivers and motorists who caught speeding. Over the past two decades the company has educated 200,000 drink drivers.

Jenny Wynn, TTC Group MD, said: “We were one of the pioneers of the drink drive rehabilitation scheme when the Government of the day decided to trial an initiative to educate drink drivers.

“Over the years the course has been a huge success and we are proud to be the largest provider of drink drive courses in the UK and we always run the courses on a not-for-profit ethos. The culture of drink driving has altered over the years and now everyone knows it is not just anti-social but downright dangerous.

“But there is still much work to do in convincing new and older drivers that they must not drink and drive.”


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