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Government reinforces its commitment to cyclists

Wednesday 28th August 2013

The Government is determined to help more people take up cycling, said Norman Baker, local transport minister, as he launched the Government’s response to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group’s report ‘Get Britain Cycling’.

Norman Baker made his comments during a visit to Cambridge to see first-hand how funding for cycling announced earlier this month will pave the way for more cycling in the city and surrounding area.

Mr Baker said: “The Coalition Government takes cycling very seriously and we are committed to leading the country in getting more people cycling, more safely, more often.

“Many of the recommendations put forward by the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group mirror those that we are already taking forward so we are ahead on some of the challenges which have been set for us.

“However we are keen to go further and faster. The £94m announced by the prime minister earlier this month is an excellent boost and will help to encourage even more people to take to two wheels.”

The publication of the Government’s response to the APPCG’s report follows the largest single injection of cash for cycling, announced earlier this month. £77 million will be divided between Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, Newcastle, Bristol, Cambridge, Oxford and Norwich, while the New Forest, Peak District, South Downs and Dartmoor will each share a slice of £17 million funding for national parks.

With local contributions, the total new funding for cycling is £148 million between now and 2015.

The Government says it is also taking action to ensure that roads are ‘cycle proofed’, starting with £5m of investment to facilitate safe cycling on trunk roads, with a further £15m planned for 2015/16.


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I have to agree with Bob and James on this one. I also think that cycle helmets should become law and that this massive waste of money needs to be stopped. Cyclists should obey the law just like everyone else. If any money was to be spent on cycling then segregated cycle paths/routes should be built instead of painting useless cycle lanes on roads.
Phil, Kent

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James, really? At the moment there is no conclusive proof that bits of polystyrene provide any protection in a collision with a motor vehicle. On the contrary, there is evidence that helmets cause more damage through rotational injuries. Also, are you really arguing that it would be the cyclist's fault for not wearing a helmet if they are involved in a collision? Can stab victims not criticise anyone but themselves for not wearing a stab vest?
Steve, Merseyside

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Yet not one mention in the document about helmets becoming mandatory. Why not? I have chidren and it's the first thing they do before they get on their bike. How many cyclists die or are seriously injured by not wearing a helmet, when they could have walked away? Such a simple thing but makes a huge difference. Cyclists who do not wear helmets cannot criticise anyone but themselves if they have a head injury as a result of a collision.
james, wakefield

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How are cyclists a danger to all Bob? Considering that the existing roads are a danger to all due to the fact that they are putting the vulnerable in the path of the most dangerous forms of transport, then the 'pampering to a minority group' is long overdue, and by no means goes far enough.
Steve, Merseyside

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Should, or could, this money not have been better spent (at a time that we are effectively broke) on repairing and maintaining our damaged roadways, filling in pot holes, or resurfacing or raising manhole covers that have sunk, or sweeping up loose grit etc. for the benefit of all highway users. Not pamper to a minority group whose appearance on the roads, or rather pavements, has become a political priority and a danger to all.
bob craven Lancs

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