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Partners collaborate on motorcycle safety event

Tuesday 27th August 2013

The motorcycle safety campaign ‘Operation Zenith’ teamed up with the IAM (Institute of Advanced Motorists) to organise a motorcycle training event for riders in north-east Scotland.

Now in its fourth year, Operation Zenith is a partnership comprising Aberdeen City, Shire and Moray Councils, Police Scotland, the North East Safety Camera Partnership, Community Safety Partnerships, the Scottish Ambulance Service, IAM and local motorcycle groups, Transport Scotland, BEAR Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service.

The ‘Be A Better Biker’ one-day course organised by Operation Zenith and the IAM aims to improve bikers’ skills, knowledge and hazard awareness - and ultimately reduce the number of collisions involving motorcyclists. The course was held on 27 July and was fully subscribed. Operation Zenith has run similar courses under the ‘Bikesafe’ name in the past.

The course comprised presentations from police motorcyclists and a ride out with IAM observers, who offer constructive feedback on how to be safer on the roads. The course also included first aid awareness specially tailored for motorcyclists and a session on motorcycle mechanical awareness. There was also a slow manoeuvre session where bikers put their skills to the test by negotiating hazards in a controlled and safe environment under low speeds.

The course is currently being evaluated and depending on the outcome Operation Zenith and the IAM will consider holding more Be a Better Biker events in the future.

Neil Warden, regional group co-ordinator for the IAM in Scotland, said: “Here in the north-east (of Scotland) we have a large established biking community and some of the most exciting and challenging roads. However, these roads, if not treated with respect, can have serious or fatal consequences for all concerned.

“This course was open to all bikers who are looking to improve their riding skills as well as riders who have recently passed their test or any ‘born again biker’ that may be returning to two wheels after a long period of absence, and want to improve their confidence.”

Contact Neil Warden on 07775 420029 for more information.


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I'm a bit removed from this but believe that, in the evaluation of Zenith, accidents across the board (including bikers) went down.
Mike, Edinburgh

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So what's new? It's only going to get attendance from bikers or motorcyclists that want to improve their riding, or wish to take advantage of the lower insurance premiums.... or be able to ride faster and apparently safer round our country roads.

Has anyone actually studied or researched statistics for any advanced riders or drivers and possibly ascertained whether they have had any accidents, incidents or collisions? I know of a number of advanced riders that I would not go riding with. Statistically speaking they must have incidents.
bob craven Lancs

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