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Accident helpline creates cycling stats infographic

Wednesday 7th August 2013

The National Accident Helpline has compiled a Cycling Accident Stats Infographic which reveals that in 2011 92% of cycling casualties occurred in accidents involving another vehicle.

The National Accident Helpline claims that there has been a significant increase in cyclists contacting it after being injured on the roads in the last few years.

As a result of that increase, it’s pulled some of the “most interesting and surprising” cycling accident statistics together to create the infographic.

Statistics from the infographic also reveal that 75% of cycling accidents happen at, or near, a road junction; four out of five casualties are male; and around 75% of casualties are injured in daylight.

The infographic also shows that cyclist traffic levels are estimated to have risen by 2.2% from 2010 – 2011, and the number of reported cyclist casualties rose by 12% in the same period.

Click here to view the infographic.


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''Most cycling casualties involved another vehicle...'' Actually, untrue.

This NHS Public Health Network site is worth a look. Follow the link to ''Evidence submitted to the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's enquiry into promoting cycling'' and turn to page 4. Stat19 showed 3,085 KSI cyclists recorded in 2012. Hospitals however recorded 17,653 cyclists being admitted to hospital beds - of which a hefty 12,301 incidents did not involve a collision.

Of course it's harder to make a claim off a non-collision incident. Very important though because this could well be telling us lots of interesting things about cyclist competence, how we train them and what we train them for.

Significantly it could also be telling us some equally interesting things about how we design and maintain our segregated and off-carriageway cycle networks.
Jeremy Phillips, Devon

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“Most cycling casualties involved another vehicle”. Gosh....who would have thought it?
With a title like “National Accident Helpline”, one could be forgiven for thinking it was some sort of Government/Dft backed agency or non-profit making organisation, however at the risk of appearing cynical, it looks like a firm of personal injury lawyers have extracted some freely available statistics, placed the words “interesting and surprising” in front of them, published them, thereby gaining some publicity and credibility for their own company.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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Having had a quick look at their website, although this purports to contain interesting info etc, I suggest it is actually promoting a business.
Eric Bridgstock, Independent Road Safety Research, St Albans

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