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Monday 18th May 2009

The RoadSTARS student council in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames has published a podcast comprising a road crash survivor’s story.

The students decided that personal injury on the roads was a real issue for their age group when they all realised that they either knew of somebody that had been in an accident or had a near miss.

The team was working with police youth involvement officer, Zoe Plummer, when they discovered that she was involved in a serious accident when she was a young girl.

The podcast tells Zoe’s story and the experiences of young people in Kingston, with the hope of reaching as many of their peers as possible.

Rachel Tookey, the RoadSTARS’ communications officer, said: “This four minute podcast is a collection of stories told by real victims; some serious, some not. It made us think twice. We hope it will have the same effect on others.”

Click here to listen to the podcast or for further information contact James Parker.


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I think it is essential to use real stories and if we are working with young people to use young people! I think the end of this is incredible powerful and feel really sorry for Zoe. I'll discuss with other RS colleagues in the Thames Valley if we can use the idea, so thank you to Kingston.
Mandy Rigault. Oxfordshire.

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