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RSOs help pupils prepare for independent travel

Tuesday 23rd July 2013

Medway’s road safety team has been helping more than 200 Years 7/8 pupils at one of the town’s secondary schools to prepare for a move to a separate site which caters for Year 9 onwards.

In partnership with Kent Police, the road safety team has been working with the pupils from St John Fisher RC School on a number of activities to help them stay safe on their journey to and from school.

Activities included playing out a near miss scenario, a road safety quiz, learning about reaction testing and stopping distances in different types of weather and a hazard spotting exercise.

Su Ormes, principal RSO, said: “Many students find the transition to their new secondary school an exciting yet challenging experience. For some, it may be the first time they are wholly responsible for their welfare when travelling to and from school.

“During our visit we discussed with students what they perceived as a danger while travelling on foot, with many answering cars speeding and drivers not paying attention. Thanks to our road safety activities, students soon began to understand it was their behaviour that they could control and ultimately the key to staying safer.”

Rowan Cornwall, PCSO for Kent Police, said: “Students thoroughly enjoyed the visit and by the end of the day felt empowered to make better road safety choices – resisting the urge to plug into a phone, iPod or chatter. They grasped the idea that to share the roads they should share the responsibility.”

For more information contact Su Ormes on 01634 331710.


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It's a shame that considering parents have children under their control far more than any school, parents do not take on responsibility for this type of learning.

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