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Beware the ‘morning after’ a quiet night in

Monday 22nd July 2013

The latest phase of the Morning After drink drive campaign reminds drivers of the danger of unwittingly being over the limit on the school run or journey to work the ‘morning after’ a few drinks at home.

The ‘Morning After’ campaign has been running for several years and provides information about how long it takes for alcohol to pass through the body. While it varies from person to person and depends on a number of factors, on average it takes about one hour for the body to rid itself of each unit of alcohol – though it can take much longer.

David Frost from Stennik, the company behind Morning After, said: “In recent years there has been an increase in the number of people drinking at home rather than at the pub. The economic downturn may have contributed to this, as it is much cheaper to drink at home than at the pub.

“However, when drinking at home there’s always the temptation to finish the bottle or pour generous 'home' measures – and therefore drink more than you realise.

“The ‘Quiet night in’ campaign reminds normally-responsible drivers that they don’t necessarily have to be out on the town to run the risk of being over the drink drive limit the following morning.”

‘Quiet night in' will run during September and October 2013, at the time of year when the nights draw in and there tend to be more 'quiet nights’ in front of the TV.

For more details about the campaign and purchasing resources (from £350 plus VAT) contact David Frost on 0745 041 5291.


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