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Drink-drive and lose your car, THINK! campaign warns

Wednesday 5th June 2013

In a move to raise awareness of the consequences of a conviction, the THINK! 2013 summer drink drive campaign is reminding drivers that if they drink drive they run the risk of losing their car.

The campaign message is backed by the results of a survey which shows that two thirds of UK drivers would be devastated if they lost their car.

In the survey, commissioned by the AA and conducted by Populus, 31% of motorists said they are at their happiest behind the wheel, and 16% of respondents rated having a car as the best thing in their lives.

When it comes to young drivers aged 18-24 years, 76% of respondents said that without a car they would find it difficult to see friends and do the things they love, and 88% would be devastated if they could not drive.

The £740,000 THINK! campaign will deploy radio adverts, pub posters and an eye-catching online film to drill home the message that motorists face heavy costs if they drink and drive. The campaign is being launched in conjunction with plans by the Association of Chief Police Officers to carry out extra checks on motorists over the summer.

Stephen Hammond, road safety minister, said: "Drink driving is a menace and drivers should be clear that if you get behind the wheel over the limit this summer, you will lose your licence, get a criminal record, and face a fine – you could even end up in jail.

“The findings of this poll are clear; drivers love their cars and a drink driving conviction would not only leave a massive hole in their pockets, it would leave a massive hole in their lives.

"Nobody wants to spend their summer in a prison cell so whether you are drinking in the pub or at a friend's barbeque, make sure you do not drink and drive – it could have devastating consequences for you and for others."

Edmund King, AA president, said: "This research shows that one third of drivers are happiest behind the wheel of a car, while one third rely on their car to maintain their relationships. It’s not just freedom of the road drivers lose by drink-driving – it’s freedom, full-stop."

FOOTNOTE FOR ROAD SAFETY GB MEMBERS: a more detailed THINK! briefing note relating to this campaign is lodged in the members' area of this website.


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Whatever way you look at it, you do come across as extremely negative about most things road safety. Given that you post these comments on a road safety website, it is perhaps hardly surprising that more people 'disagree' with your comments than 'agree' with them!
Nick Rawlings, editor, Road Safety GB newsfeed

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To Rob - what is positive and what is negative depends on your viewpoint and mine.
I consider it a positive contriution to point out that the vehicle seizure idea would result in extreme disparities of penalties for the same offence.

What baffles me is that (a) anyone could dream up that idea without realising the inevitable consequences and (b) that far more people should dislike that comment than approve of it.

For my part I will continue to argue for justice, fairness, even-handedness and all the other basic principles that have served our country so well for hundreds of years.
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

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Idris, I do often wonder myself why you bother. I have not read one response you have ever written that shows any positivity. I agree with Anthony and Stuart, Think have put together a much better video this time and I will certainly use this in my presentations to year 12 students.
Rob, Calderdale

Agree (6) | Disagree (1)

I see that by 8 to nil readers approve of hugely different penalties for the same offence. Increasingly often I wonder why I bother - can no one think beyond the first knee-jerk reaction any more?
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

Agree (2) | Disagree (14)

Is the headline misleading? Losing a license to drive due to drink driving - fine by me s long as the limits are not too low.

But losing the car - ie confiscation? Surely not. Take two wealthy brothers, each with RR Phantom. meet at the pub and get caught drink driving. One forfeits a £250,000 car, the other loses his Ka runabout because the RR is in for service. Is that justice?

In other words, could we have some joined-up thinking here, some clarity?
Idris Francis Fight Back With Facts Petersfield

Agree (3) | Disagree (21)

Having criticized Think! in an earlier article I must complement them on their latest try to change the thought process of a driver who may offend. In Greater Manchester some years ago we tried a viral clip and had great success in it getting many 100s of thousands of hits. I agree with the previous comment though, in isolation it may not get the message across as good as it would with supporting information. On this occasion though well done Think!
Stuart Rochdale

Agree (13) | Disagree (1)

WOW. I normally don't like THINK videos as they normally just totally miss the mark compared to other film makers out there. But this seem like they are coming out of the old school road safety and over artistic phase. But still in isolation a video will have little effect, needs to be used and not shown during soaps that show far worse things.
Anthony, Nottingham

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