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Michelin to sponsor Drive iQ

Thursday 4th April 2013

Michelin Tyre PLC has agreed to sponsor the Drive iQ young driver programme which is managed by a2om CIC.

Drive iQ is an online educational platform for beginner and young drivers, which highlights hazardous road scenarios in a virtual environment.

The tool accelerates frontal lobe maturation, which is not usually fully developed until early to mid-twenties, and is designed to improve the skills often lacking in young drivers, such as anticipating danger, risk management, considering emotional response and being a responsible passenger.

Drive iQ comprises six modules - eye scanning, distraction, anatomy of a crash, perception, seatbelts and cycling – and around 500 schools have signed up to the scheme so far.

Eric Le Corre, managing director of Michelin Tyre PLC, said: “At Michelin we not only supply tyres that ensure optimum safety for drivers and their passengers, but we also promote good practice among road users.

“Drive iQ provides essential education to a particularly vulnerable group and I that as many young people, parents and teachers as possible use Drive iQ.

“Our commitment at Michelin begins by advising all our employees to use and share Drive iQ with their family, friends and the communities where we operate. I urge as many other businesses as possible to do the same.”

Sarah Rowley, CEO of the Drive iQ programme, said: “Whether your child is 16 and thinking about learning to drive, currently having driving lessons, being driven by their peers, or has just passed their test, Drive iQ is relevant for them.

“We are very lucky to have these world-class resources available to us and extremely grateful to Michelin for their sponsorship. In this case better education has the power to save lives”.

For more information contact Paul Cordle on 01782 402341.


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An excellent example of a motoring industry company investing in the wider community for their mutual benefit. Well done Michelin!
Honor Byford, North Yorkshire

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