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Coroner speaks out to save bikers' lives

Monday 4th May 2009

95 Alive, the North Yorkshire Road Safety Partnership, is working with coroner Geoff Fell to stop motorcyclists dying on the county’s roads.

Six motorcyclists have died so far this year in North Yorkshire, compared with seven killed in the whole of 2008.

Geoff Fell, coroner for the Western District of North Yorkshire, has held inquests into many of the deaths and heard the harrowing stories of loved ones and friends.

He said:”I have taken what for a coroner is an unusual step of making this public statement. My fellow coroners and I regularly issue warnings to motorcyclists following inquests where a biker has died.

“I regularly see the consequence of these fatal collisions at the inquest. I see the wives of the deceased and often the teenage children. The vast majority of motorcyclists involved in fatal collisions are not young and single, quite the contrary.  Most of these motorcyclists crash on bends with no other vehicles involved. When another vehicle is involved, more often than not the driver has done nothing wrong.”

For more information contact Honor Byford on 01609 532616.


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