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DfT unveils funding package for electric cars

Friday 22nd February 2013

The DfT has announced a £37 million funding package to increase charging points for electric vehicles.

The Government will provide 75% of the cost of installing new charge points at homes, on streets and at railway stations.

The subsidy can be claimed by individuals installing charge points where they live; local authorities installing rapid charge points to facilitate longer journeys, or providing on-street charging; and train operators installing new charge points at railway stations.

The £37 million funding comes from the Government’s £400 million commitment to increase the uptake of ultra low emission vehicles and is available until April 2015.

Patrick McLoughlin, transport secretary, said: “This investment underlines the Government’s commitment to making sure that the UK is a world leader in the electric car industry.

“Plug-in vehicles can help the consumer by offering a good driving experience and low running costs. They can help the environment by cutting pollution, and most importantly of all, they can help the British economy by creating skilled manufacturing jobs in a market that is bound to get bigger.”

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If a gallon of fuel is burnt at the power station to produce electricity to charge an electric car, how far will it drive? In other words, what is the average mpg of an electric car?

I believe the range of an electric car is around 80 miles so to get to Manchester there would have to be 2 charging points on the way. How long would a fast charge take? Travelling by electric cars would certainly boost the takings of businesses close to the charging points.
Dave, Slough

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