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Music is main distraction for drivers: MoneySupermarket

Friday 1st February 2013

Music is the biggest distraction for drivers, according to a survey carried out by MoneySupermarket.

The price comparison website asked more than 2,000 motorists what they found most distracting while driving, in order to identify what makes drivers take their eyes off the road.

54% admitted to losing concentration as a result of changing radio stations or shuffling through songs on their iPod; 47% said they were distracted by drinking hot and cold drinks while driving; 47% also admitted to taking their hands off the wheel to eat; and 16% claim to regularly make or take phone calls on their hands free system.

Furthermore, 8% admitted that they had been distracted by being “romantic” with their partners; 7% said they apply cosmetics while driving; and an alarming 4% admitted to falling asleep or dozing behind the wheel.

Smarthphones also proved to be distracting for drivers, with 3% using apps while driving, and the same percentage accessing Facebook.

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The bottom paragraph of the MoneySupermarket web page states the potential for being prosecuted "if you drive without due CAR and attention". How do you drive without a CAR?

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This survey tells us what the drivers themselves assessed to be their greatest distraction factors. I rather suspect that if they phone or text whilst driving they are less likely to self report on that as being a distraction that impairs their driving. It is interesting to know how drivers assess this but it isn't an objective study of driver behaviour - although it could contribute to such a study. Perhaps TRL or other organisations have research based evidence on this? Probably already on the Knowledge Centre and I confess I haven't checked.
Honor Byford, North Yorkshire

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"If possible make a U turn" I find the biggest distraction to safe riding & driving. Especially when the lady in the box is quite clearly wrong!
Gareth, Surrey

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