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‘Wheels to Work’ to be rolled out nationally

Wednesday 23rd January 2013

A DfT grant will enable the ‘Wheels 2 Work’ programme to be rolled out nationally in a concerted effort to provide young people with better access to employment and training opportunities.

Wheels 2 Work (W2W) schemes, which have been running for some while in different areas of the country, provide mopeds and scooters to mostly young people to allow them to access jobs or training where public transport is not available.

The grant, made to the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA) will secure the post of a national coordinator to help spread ‘best practice’ among current and future W2W programmes. A Wheels to Work Association (W2WA) has also been formed.

According to the MCIA, Government backing for W2W sends out a powerful message and endorses motorcycling as an economical and viable personal transport solution.

Steve Kenward, W2WA chairman, said: “The Wheels to Work Association is proud to have this facilitating role, as these schemes are proven to work where access to transport is the barrier to taking up opportunities.”

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It is very piecemeal and as such will not reach a wider audience. I would like to see some feedback as it appears they are proven to work, according to Steve Kenward.

Probably a waste of time and funding, tho I wish it well wherever it's been implemented..and appears to work.
bob craven Lancs

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Well, not quite nationally! Even though the map suggests that Northern Ireland is part of the scheme. As it is funded by the DfT it is unlikely that it will extend to Northern Ireland. Here there is a separate administration for these issues. Unless the coordinator knows something I don't. My colleague has written to ask - but no reply so far....
Elaine Hardy, Northern Ireland

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