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Ton up for ‘Wrecked’

Wednesday 16th January 2013

A road safety resource aimed at young adults now features 100 stories based on real life events.

‘Wrecked’ was originally developed five years ago for the Greater Manchester Road Safety Partnership, but since then has been adopted by road safety teams across the country.

Neil Porter from Studio Distract, the company that produced Wrecked, said: “Designed to provoke group discussion within a 'non-preachy' environment, Wrecked has a wide and varied selection of stories based on real life events and covering a range of topics from drink driving to illegally driving a quad bike.

“The story presentation is followed by a guided but open discussion, supported by comprehensive guidelines.

“This flexible resource can be used by virtually anyone including RSOs, teachers, NHS personnel, fire, police and probation services and youth groups.”

Contact Neil Porter for more information, or visit the Studio Distract website.


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Having used many resources over the years this has been without doubt the most engaging for our groups. Whether it changes attitudes and behaviour can be hard to judge, but it definately gets them thinking. Would recommend!
Rachel Spencer - South West

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Have looked at a number of the scenarios and find them very interesting indeed. I can see how with the right guidance one can alter how the audience view the videos, and come to various conclusions. Very interesting.
bob craven Lancs

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