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Council contractor completes Safe Urban Driving course

Thursday 10th January 2013

More than 100 drivers who work for the London Borough of Bexley’s waste contractors recently took part in an urban driving course which focuses on driving in London and vulnerable road users, including cyclists.

The Safe Urban Driving course is the first accredited course in the UK to include practical on-road cycle training for drivers and it counts towards the 35 hours of training needed to gain the Driver Certificate of Professional Competence. All professional drivers need to complete this by September 2014. It was originally developed by Cycle Training UK in partnership with Hackney Council.

Drivers from Serco Fleet were treated to two three and a half hour modules; one in the classroom, delivered by M2 Training, and a practical module, delivered by Cycle Confident, in which drivers took to two wheels for a cyclist’s view of the road when riding near large vans and lorries.

Cllr Val Clark, vice chairman of the London Borough of Bexley's Transport Users Sub-Committee, said: “This is an excellent initiative where different road users exchange places to get a better understanding of the other’s views and hazards.

“We welcome initiatives that educate and train all road users to act in a safer manner and which will lead to a reduction in casualties. We were delighted that Serco took up the training, to ensure drivers carrying out council services are leading by example.”

For more information contact Pauline Rootsey from the London Borough of Bexley on 020 3045 4869.


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