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Cumbria’s young people get involved in road safety

Wednesday 28th November 2012

Cumbria Road Safety Partnership has enlisted the help of young people and the local radio station to promote safe driving among young drivers.

The partnership engaged the help of CFM Radio and its interactive mobile media bus to run workshops to raise awareness of the issues young drivers experience on the county’s roads and to help develop a safety campaign.

Media bus workshops were held in three colleges across the county during October. More than 100 students aged 16-18 years attended and between them they created more than 30 prototype commercials.

Students were encouraged to put the commercials onto their mobile phones and forward them to friends and family. They were also asked to post messages on facebook, twitter and other social media sites to promote what they had done.

The 12 students who developed the most imaginative messages were then invited to the CFM studios to create three broadcast quality commercials which will be played on CFM and Bay radio over the next month.

Chief Inspector Kevin Greenhow said: “This was a great opportunity to engage and interact with young people, to look into the reasons why young drivers are at risk on the roads and how we can communicate with young people to help prevent avoidable collisions, injuries and deaths.

“Cumbria has some of the most challenging roads and conditions, which can pose dangers for those who have been driving for most of their lives. Younger drivers who have limited experience need to be aware.

“Our ongoing policing operation, named Orwell, is focused on educating young drivers in order to reduce the number of collisions which they are involved in, which can result in serious injury or even death. Engaging with the same age group has hopefully provided messages and ideas which we can use in future campaigns.”

For more information contact Chris Broadbent on 01228 221751.


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