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New course aims to improve driver/cyclist relationships

Friday 9th November 2012

Managed Road Safety Solutions (MRSS) has developed a new driver training course which explores the relationship between drivers and cyclists.

MRSS points to the link between the increasing number of people taking up cycling for its economic and health benefits, and a rise in the number of cyclist casualties.

The course aims to improve the safety of cyclists (and motorcyclists) by explaining and demonstrating ‘visual scanning techniques’, and showing how these techniques can help drivers spot vulnerable road users.

The course is designed for organisations seeking to improve general awareness among their drivers, with particular reference to awareness of cyclists. It also explores some ‘urban myths’ to try and improve interaction between drivers and cyclists.

Nick Lloyd, director of MRSS, said: “We’ve developed this course in light of the unfortunate high profile crash involving Bradley Wiggins, where it would seem that the driver looked and failed to see, and the rise in cycle casualties in 2011.

“This highly interactive course is extremely flexible and can be purely theory based or can have a practical Level 3 cycling element included, making it suitable for companies who wish to promote safe cycling through its workforce.”

For more information contact Nick Lloyd on 01952 607183.


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So this is a course for drivers to learn right? Who have already had to learn this knowledge when they got their licence? But they aren't giving training for cyclists who can just hop on a bike without knowing the laws? Seems pretty biased against drivers to me.

Cyclists should have to obtain some kind of licence to ride on the "roads" (I use roads loosely as they cycle all over the pavement as well).
Demetri, Basildon

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"Managed Road Safety Solutions (MRSS) has developed a new driver training course which explores the relationship between drivers and cyclists."

So where is the cyclist training course? Most cyclists I see certainly don't follow the highway code or basic road safety.

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I would like to point out that many Road Safety professionals who loved their jobs were made redundant as a result of budget cuts. Only now that there have been two Team GB members involved in RTCs suddenly there is funding for Road Safety of at least this nature. Shocking.
Annoyed, North East

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After the large amount of correspondence on this subject I've been involved with for the last two days please let me know if there is any way I can help. We have to do something positive to eradicate the "them and us" animosity between groups of road users and train the most protected and dangerous to protect the most vulnerable and the most vulnerable to protect themselves.
David Midmer, Grade 6 ADI and Fleet Trainer, Wirral

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This sounds great! I would love to be involved.
bee free driving school

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