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Prison sentence for 122mph biker

Monday 9th March 2009

A motorcyclist caught speeding at 122mph with his 14-year-old son riding pillion has been sentenced to six months in prison.

Robert Bennett, 47, from Barnstaple in Devon, had pleaded guilty to dangerous driving at an earlier hearing. Exeter Crown Court heard his son was not wearing any protective clothing at the time of the offence.

Bennett was caught by a mobile camera on the North Devon Link Road, near South Molton. His son was holding onto the seat of the motorbike with his bare hands.

Judge Phillip Wassell told Bennett: "Had you lost control of your motorcycle it would have become a missile and caused a serious accident and probably death would have followed. The lack of responsibility is almost unbelievable.

Click here to read the full BBC News report.


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Further to my previous post. Having watched the video of the incident i must say that i cant believe the accuracy of the machine in use. being simply hand held it was all over the place and attempting to hit say his number plate at that distance with oncoming traffic getting in the way. and in the wet with spray.As i said. The camera was all over the place, his right exhaust, his left exhaust, kids feet. etc. I wouldnt have agreed to plead guilty with that evidence against me.

Dont get me wrong, wrongdoers need to be taken off the road but correctly.
bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool

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Imprisonment for this offence is not the answer. The whole family suffer for the stupudity of one man.
Obviously disqualification may be part of the answer and possible confiscation of machine[ take the toy away from the child as he cant be trusted to use it properly] and further make him retest to get his car licence back. Possibly no bike license for say 5 yrs. and then maybe his family will enjoy him at home more.
bob craven [ otherwise known as Judge Dredd} Blackpool

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