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Technology put to the test in BBC documentary

Friday 2nd November 2012

Technology from young driver specialist Young Marmalade was put to the test in a BBC2 documentary, How Safe are Britain’s Roads?, which is looking at the safety of UK roads.

In the two-part documentary presenters Justin Howlett and Anita Rani criss-cross the country to find out why traffic accidents happen.

In the first part, which was broadcast on 31 October, the presenters found out what it is like to drive with ‘black box’ technology installed in their cars.

In the second part, due for broadcast on 7 November, the presenters will look at a range of issues including mobile phones, driver tiredness, drink driving and older drivers.

Crispin Moger, managing director at Marmalade, says: “Many young drivers come to us and say that they are good drivers, so why should they pay for the poor driving of others in their age and gender group? With technology, young drivers can prove that they are good drivers and deserve a lower insurance premium.

“We are delighted that the BBC approached Marmalade to showcase the technology that is making a significant impact on reducing the cost of motoring for young drivers.”

For more information contact Nigel Lacy, director of marketing for Young Marmalade, on 0845 644 2026.


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I think the most disturbing thing about the programme was the attitude of central government. It seemed to be suggested that local authorities had enough cash to 'fix' all the roads but were simply choosing to spend it else where. Not really an accurate picture of what's happening is it?
Dave, Leeds

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Did anyone see the first episode? More than once, the presenters were asking "how are road accidents caused and what can be done about it?" whilst driving along, talking sideways to the in-car camera barely looking at the road ahead!! There's your answer BBC.
Hugh Jones, Cheshire

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