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Alliance formed to market biker safety resources

Wednesday 12th September 2012

dbda and The Shiny Side Up Partnership have announced that they are working together to market and distribute the ‘Think Bike’ backpack and other Shiny Side Up resources through the dbda webshop.

The hi-vis backpack features the Shiny Side Up ‘Think Bike’ message which is well-known and understood by drivers and riders.

This backpack ensures that both the rider and message are visible in busy traffic and bikers say that wearing the backpack increases their visibility on the road. It is tried and tested and has proved to be hardwearing and versatile, and can even be used to carry a helmet as well as other biker essentials.

Sheila Ormerod, campaign facilitator, said: “The Shiny Side Up Partnership totally understands bikers’ needs and we hope that by making our quality products available worldwide, through the dbda web shop, we will be helping bikers to be that little bit safer in busy traffic.”

The ‘Think Bike’ backpack is available at the dbda web shop or by calling 0870 333 7771.


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If anything this is only going to have a limited effect to stop or reduce the number of rear endings that bikers suffer. Then only in good lighting conditions where its reflectivety is at its best.

Personally for my part the jury is still out on conspicuity and unfortunately the more we make it necessary the more likely not wearing it will affect insurances etc.

However if someone wants to ride with one on I wouldn't deter them from doing so. Tho its putting the onus on bikers and not those that fail to look properly.
bob craven LANCS

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