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Good Egg Safety launches In–Car Safety App

Monday 23rd July 2012

Parents buying child car seats can now download a free Smartphone App designed to help them make safer choices.

The Scottish Good Egg In-Car Child Safety App is launched at the same time as a new survey, conducted on behalf of Good Egg Safety, which identified that more than 50% of those surveyed had not been shown how to correctly fit a new child car seat at the time of purchase; and more than 10% were not confident about their ability to fit one safely.

The new App is currently available for iPhone and Android devices for free download. Features include expert advice on choosing the correct type of seat for your child, a fully searchable list of upcoming car seat checking events throughout Scotland, tips for buying and fitting seats, real life case studies and the latest news regarding child safety and the Good Egg campaign.

The App can be found for download on the new-look campaign website Users can also search “Good Egg Safety” in their App store.

Arnold Clark, chairman and chief executive of Arnold Clark Automobiles, which supports Good Egg Safety, said: “We’re passionate about getting this message to as many mums and dads as possible.

"We know technology is moving very fast and the smart phone is a big part of many people’s lives. All the information is still available in our popular booklets and on our website but we wanted to make it as accessible as possible for the new generation of smart phone parents.”

For more information contact Jan Deans on 07980 851360.


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Thanks for your comments Mark. We are glad you find the Smartphone App a useful tool. The App was created for the Scotland campaign, which launched in June. The Good Egg Safety team are developing another App for England and Wales, which will be available for download in September. The information will be the same as the current App, however the clinics and retailers will be specific to England and Wales.
Peta Comfort

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It looks good and the Seat/Stage Selector is useful, but as it is branded "Scottish Good Egg..." it is focused on Scotland. As a result it is less useful elsewhere in the UK (Retailers and Events tabs relate to Scotland Only) (Unless the iPhone store only carries one App out of a selection?)
Mark, Cardiff

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