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Three themes for summer drink drive campaign

Monday 27th April 2009

Stennik, the road safety publicity consultancy, is offering three different themes for its summer 2009 drink drive campaign – and RSOs can buy into the campaign from as little as £250.

One of the themes focuses on the ‘morning after’ issue, building on the agency’s 2008 summer drink drive campaign.

The second asks the viewer to consider how many people’s lives could be affected by their decision to drink drive. This theme builds on Stennik’s Christmas 2008 drink drive campaign.

The third – a new creative treatment - takes a tougher approach, referring to a driver who causes a death when just over the drink drive limit as an ‘idiot’. The inspiration for this campaign came from a highly effective Australian drink drive commercial.

Jo Lazar, campaign coordinator, said: “We would normally only offer one option, but two of these are developments of previous campaigns. Both were successful, and the issues are still the same – so we saw no reason not to revisit them.

“In these days of ever-tightening budgets, we’re delighted to be able to offer road safety teams the chance to buy into a professionally produced drink drive campaign from as little as £250.”

Click here for full details, or contact Jo Lazar on 01379 650112 for more information.


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