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Viral warns young women not to 'make-up and drive'

Monday 2nd July 2012

In collaboration with a YouTube beautician, Volkswagen has released an awareness raising viral film warning women about the dangers of applying make-up while driving.

Perhaps surprisingly, the viral states that (according to the Telegraph newspaper) every year in the UK “500,000 women cause accidents because they are doing their make-up while they drive”.

Volkswagen decided to collaborate with one of the most popular internet make-up artists, Nikkie de Jager, in order to maximise the potential of reaching its target audience. Nikkie de Jager’s YouTube channel has received more than 28 million views for her tutorials on how to apply make-up.

The film starts out as a conventional make-up tutorial but then Nikkie is suddenly thrown forward in slow motion to simulate a road crash. The film ends with the message: “Please don’t make-up and drive”. Volkswagen says the film has received more than 100,000 views and 10,000 shares/retweets.

Click here to watch the video.


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Agreed so far as you've gone, Dave, but from 30m drivers, approximately half of whom are women - you then have to identify how many of the women drivers do their make up whilst driving (whether frequently or occasionally) and that is your starting sample, not all women drivers!
Honor Byford, North Yorkshire

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Half a million, really?

If there are 30m drivers of whom half are women, then every woman should crash on average once every 30 years while doing make-up.

Have I got that right?
Dave Finney - Slough

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Not to mention the thousands, yes thousands, of men I have seen shaving while driving.
David Clark, North Yorkshire

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Would someone please tell me where to find the data to support the statement that “500,000 women cause accidents because they are doing their make-up while they drive”?
It's certainly not listed as a causation factor so I am at a loss to see where the information could have been obtained. It's not 1st April again is it?
Honor Byford, North Yorkshire

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