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Fleet Safety Forum issues action plea for young 'at work' drivers

Wednesday 13th June 2012

One-third of companies do not have a minimum age restriction on driving for work, while one-fifth do not have a policy for young drivers, according to a survey by the Fleet Safety Forum (Fleet News).

Fleet Safety Forum (FSF), part of road safety charity Brake, surveyed more than 100 companies about young driver policies, covering issues including minimum age restriction, risk assessments and training. Of the companies surveyed, 80% have at least one policy and 67% have a minimum age restriction.

FSF says that having a young driver policy can reduce vehicle repair costs and insurance premiums, but warns businesses to be careful not to break the law if they introduce restrictive policies based on age alone.

The FSF survey also found that just 29% of companies had risk assessments tailored to younger drivers while 27% had specific training. Of the 33% that didn’t have a driving age restriction in place, fewer than 5% reported having any other policy targeting young drivers.

Click here to read the full Fleet News report.


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That's a startling generalisation based on a tiny sample size, 101 companies? There's more fast food delivery places than that in Leeds alone... the big problem with driving for work policies is how few businesses know they need one or what it means for them.
Dave, Leeds

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