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Road safety rocks to 'The Beats' in Lancashire

Thursday 10th May 2012

A project which challenges teenagers to develop a short drama to deliver road safety messages has won a prestigious award.

The Beats, which was developed by Lancashire County Council and partners, has been named Road Safety Project of the Year by the Chartered Institute of Highways and Transportation (North West).

The project encourages high-school students to think about the consequences of all kinds of risky behaviour including showing off while driving, not wearing a seatbelt or crossing the road while wearing headphones.

The project is delivered in a series of lessons in the two years before students become eligible to drive and encourages them to explore safety issues through a programme of lessons and drama workshops. It is funded through Lancashire County Council’s community safety partnership and delivered by the road safety team.

The scheme concludes with an inter-school drama competition in which the finalists perform their work before an audience of fellow students and local representatives.

Councillor Tim Ashton, cabinet member for highways and transport, said: “The Beats has developed from an innovative approach to engage young people to tackle many difficult issues concerning their safety.

“This project aims to equip young people with the facts about the real dangers they face and the tactics they can use to avoid dangerous situations which often develop as a result of peer pressure or lack of experience.

“The Beats successfully harnesses young people's creativity to lend a fresh and more effective approach to the traditional road safety messages.”

Click here to read the full press release.


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I would like to see the inclusion of twv safety within the framework as some students start there communting to and from college on twv. It also will bring to mind the fact that twv rideres are at risk and need to be indentified by other road users. But once again we will be left out. Could I start something on my own with a college?
bob craven Lancs

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A great initiative, well done to all those involved in this innovative safety scheme to engage young people.
Charles Dunn

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