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London Cycling Campaign issues rallying call

Wednesday 18th April 2012

The London Cycling Campaign is urging people to join the Big Ride in London to garner political attention on the need to act on cycling safety (Guardian Bike Blog).

On 28 April thousands of people will cycle together along a traffic free route in central London to send a message to politicians – including mayoral candidates – that cycling should be safer and more inviting for everyone. This family-friendly event, with feeder rides from every London borough, is being organised by the London Cycling Campaign.

With 30,000 signatures on its ‘Love London, Go Dutch’ petition - which calls on mayoral candidates to pledge to make cycling in London safer and more inviting - the London Cycling Campaign says that cycling safety has permeated the media and politics like never before. The Campaign says that three out of the four main mayoral candidates’ manifestos even contain language that specially recognises Dutch cycling success.

The London Cycling Campaign has scored the four main candidates’ manifestos on their promises for cycling, with Boris Johnson, the current mayor, in last place. Mr Johnson is the only candidate not to refer to Dutch-quality cycling in his manifesto.

Click here to read the full Guardian Bike Blog report.


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From what I read it looks like the cycling fraternity do already have the eye of this government as its already spending some £800.000.000 on cycle related enterprises. The latest of which is to make cycling safer in the Capital, though some within the cycling community believe that £30.000.000 is woefully insufficient?
bob Craven Lancs

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