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DfT launches route planner for cyclists

Thursday 12th April 2012

The DfT has launched an online cycling journey planner covering every road in England, in a bid to encourage more people to take to two wheels.

Norman Baker, local transport minister, last week announced the launch of the journey planner, which is part of the Transport Direct Portal. It is intended benefit all cyclists – from an enthusiast planning a fun and healthy countryside ride, to families looking for a safe, pretty route.

As well as being great for those cycling for leisure, the planner is also designed to be used by those commuting by bike, who can use the online tool to find a well-lit, direct route to and from work.

Cyclists tap in their planned start and end points and the tool calculates a route. Users can then tweak the settings to meet their needs, filtering journeys to select the quickest, quietest or most recreational routes. The planner can even plot routes avoiding steep hills.

Norman Baker said: “Cycling is a fantastic leisure activity that’s becoming increasingly popular, and rightly so.

“It’s good fun, it’s good for the environment and it’s good for your health. Indeed, the Chief Medical Officer has suggested that if cycling were discovered today it would be hailed as a miracle cure.

“Our route planner helps people wanting to get out and about and enjoy cycling, as well as those who want to map the best bike route to work.”

The Transport Direct Portal receives more than two million visits a month and increasing numbers of people are using the website to plan their journeys by bike.

Click here to read the full DfT press release.


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In my day - in fact at most anytime including today - there were maps. Available from any cartographers, motoring shop or bookshop. More wasted money.
Derek, Salop.

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