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Mum's the word for young drivers in Ireland

Thursday 15th March 2012

Young drivers in Ireland are being asked to make a Mother’s Day gift of promising to drive safely all year as part of a campaign launched at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology in Castlebar.

The campaign is being co-ordinated by the Students’ Union, in association with Mayo County Council’s road safety team. The campaign involves distributing leaflets and screening a video which will also be promoted via social media sites.

Verity Spencer, Students’ Union vice-president, said: “A third of the campus is within the age bracket at risk, so this Mother’s weekend we will be spreading the message to all young drivers that your mother aspires to see you do well in college, while driving carefully and respecting all road users.”

Noel Gibbons, Mayo’s RSO, said: “This latest campaign asks young drivers to think about treating this Mother’s Day like it’s your last, then spend the rest of the year making sure it isn’t. The promise we want these young people to make is ‘Mam, I promise I'll be careful’.”

For more information contact Noel Gibbons on 0877870055.


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There's nothing wrong about asking young drivers to be careful but it would be much more proactive to encourage them to have some serious professional driver training to understand the principles of vehicle control and not to find out to their cost when the laws of physics take over.
Tom Harrington

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Donegal NRDO

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