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British Cycling lobbies hard in run-up to cycling debate

Wednesday 22nd February 2012

British Cycling is lobbying for a fundamental change in the DfT’s approach to policy making ahead of a parliamentary debate on the issue of cycling safety to be held today (23 February).

British Cycling says the three-hour debate is a result of campaigning by The Times, the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG), British Cycling and other groups which form the UK Cycling Alliance (UKCA).

British Cycling is calling for the interests of cyclists to be integrated into all transport policy and decisions on the use of the road, and that “cycling safety must be seen as integral to, and not a bolt-on to, road policy.”

Ian Austin MP, British Cycling member and All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group chair, says: “With all the momentum created by the Times campaign and supported by so many of our athletes we have a chance of making a real difference to cycling in this country and this debate will be a key stage on that journey.”

The debate will cover the key points of British Cycling’s Road Safety Manifesto, which aims to engender greater mutual respect between road users.

Click here to read the British Cycling news report, or click here to read British Cycling’s Road Safety Manifesto.


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