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THINK! Named Rider campaign back for third phase

Thursday 9th February 2012

The THINK! team has announced plans for a third phase of THINK BIKER ‘Named Rider’ campaign activity during March 2012.

The campaign, which will run from 2 – 31 March, will utilise TV, radio, outdoor advertising on petrol station forecourts, and the THINK BIKER Facebook group.

The ‘Named Rider’ creative strategy, which was first launched in March 2010, aims to ‘humanise’ bikers, so they are more meaningful to drivers. While the campaign primarily targets drivers, the accompanying motorcycle safety partnership marketing activity focuses on motorcyclists. More detailed information on the background to the campaign can be found in the motorcycling section of the road safety professional pages on the DfT website.

Click here to watch the TV advert, listen to the radio adverts and access the THINK BIKER Facebook page.

Campaign resources available for road safety teams include Named Rider posters and THINK BIKER car window stickers, which can be ordered from the THINK! eshop.

For more information contact Lucy Jewitt, THINK! campaign manager on 020 7944 4633.

Footnote: SHARP (Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Programme) also continues to feature as a safety message within THINK! motorcycling activity. Visit the SHARP website for more information on the scheme.


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Turning bikers into your next door neighbour or the man who walks the dog was such a good step for motorcycle safety. I agree with Dave - all local authorities should be looking to support this campaign.
Gareth, Epsom

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It's great to see this campaign return for another year. I'm glad that the DfT have found some funding for it and I would encourage all local authorities to support it if they can.
Dave, Leeds

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