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New PTW resource highlights 'crash hotspots'

Tuesday 3rd January 2012

Two East Midlands groups have joined forces to produce a new resource designed to warn powered two wheeler riders of crash hotspots they could encounter.

‘Know the Dangers’ has been developed by the Bare Bones Project and Shiny Side Up Partnership, which include Nottinghamshire Police and road safety officers from across Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

Know the Dangers comprises an illustrated A3 easel display folder for classroom use, which is also available in A4 format for mobile use.

Police crash data has been used to compile a series of scenarios likely to cause collisions involving PTW riders. The resource also includes a number of ‘wipe clean’ A4 road layouts, allowing trainers to quickly illustrate road positioning.

Know the Dangers will be made available to approved motorcycle training centres across the East Midlands region. It spans a range of ages and riding skills and is intended to supplement CBT, Direct Access and advanced rider training.

The resource was evaluated by training agencies throughout its development and will be available for purchase in early 2012.

For more information contact Liz Rickards or Phil Gow.


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I look forward to the report when it comes out.

Maybe it would highlight the Smidsy's at junctions and roundabouts within town riding situations and of poor cornering.

I would be surprised if there is anything different, but one can be surprised. I think.

One thing I know is that conspucuity will be first amongst remedies.

Even police and paramedics on bikes are involved in smidsy's or need to avoid them and they are the most conspicious motorcycles on the road.

Conspcuity is not the answer, it has never been. We need to look at other causations on the road and with drivers, in tandem with training and advise to twv riders.

This authority together with others can save a lot of monies on the studying and location of accident black spots and spend the monies more wisely on a major campaign to improve the eyesight of other drivers.
Bob Craven

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