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Haunting song promotes drink-drive message

Tuesday 20th December 2011

An anti-drink drive film created by pupils at Lewis School in Caerphilly is the Gwent Regional Winner of the 2011 Wales Multi Media Competition, organised by Road Safety Wales.

The competition encourages schools and other organisations to promote the anti-drink drive message by devising, performing and recording a live action multimedia presentation to warn people of the dangers and/or consequences of drinking and driving.

The central feature of ‘Find a Way’ is a haunting song written and produced by 17-year-old Richard Morgan. The lyrics, along with video footage produced by Amanda Lever, illustrate the devastating effects on the family and friends of someone who has lost their life in a drink drive crash.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube, or for more information contact Penny Thorpe on 01633 463376.


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