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Reducing motorists' speeds could increase cyclists' safety

Tuesday 6th December 2011

Reducing the speed at which motorists travel is the easiest way to prevent accidents involving cyclists, a new TRL report has concluded.

TRL was commissioned by the Department for Transport to conduct a review into the safety of those on two wheels and how they interact with other people on the UK's roads.

Although the document said it was "problematic to draw firm conclusions” it suggests that reducing motor speeds could be of significant benefit to cyclists, and cut casualties.

Infrastructure interventions similar to those used in Europe could also be introduced in Britain, such as marking cycle lanes across junctions and fixing Trixi mirrors that enable drivers of heavy vehicles to see cyclists.

Click here to read the full TRL news report.


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In my area cyclists often travel without lights. Since they have no number plate it is not possible to report them. Before changing any rules in their favour, make them have insurance and make them display a number plate. To make cycling safer.
Jim Mennie

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