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Older road users' day is well received

Tuesday 15th November 2011

St Helens Council’s Road Safety and Travel Awareness Team recently held an ‘Older Road Users’ Awareness Day’ at the Town Hall.

Pedestrians, drivers and passengers over the age of 55 years were invited to attend the event, which included presentations, a multi agency market stand area and afternoon tea.

The Good Egg Older Persons Guide to Road Safety was also handed out to attendees and feedback indicated that it was well received. Gill Roberts, St Helens’ senior RSO, said: “The Guide contains such diverse information that it reduces the number of leaflets we need to take to events such as this.”

Merseyside Police also offered free driving lessons to be delivered by the AA driving school.

For more information contact Gill Roberts on 01744 673233.


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It is so good to see that the The GEG Road safety Guide for Older Persons is being so well received. I presented it to our local Police Consultative Group Meeting aimed at Older people this week, the pensioners Forum are going to distribute it for me, and every copy was picked up. Lots of positive feedback.
Liz, Lewisham.

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We are absolutely delighted to hear this and will be collecting evaluation from all our partners to share
Over 50,000 guides have already been ordered with another production organised shortly. This makes it all very worthwhile.
Jan Deans - Good Egg Team

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