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Are drivers dodging insurance and the driving test?

Tuesday 8th November 2011 says that research it has carried out appears to indicate that the number of people driving without taking the driving test may be on the increase.

A report on ‘’ highlights DfT figures which reveal that between April and August this year, 640,000 driving tests were taken in the UK; a 5% fall on the same period in 2010. says that the fall could be attributed to the rising costs of motoring, pointing to figures showing that comprehensive car insurance is up 24% in second quarter year-on-year prices.

Gareth Kloet, head of car insurance at, said: “A new shocking trend is emerging where people no longer bother taking their driving test. As the price of car insurance increases, we are seeing that the rate of people taking driving tests is falling.

“This is worrying as its suggests not only that drivers are going to be tempted to drive uninsured but now they might be tempted to not even take their driving test in the first place. With more than 28.5 million cars on the road, people must drive safely, so they need to take their driving test and ensure their vehicle has adequate car insurance.”

Click here to read the full ‘’ report.


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Maybe someone should explain to Mr Kloet that if you put your prices up 24% in a year it is going to price a lot of people out of the market. Or have more people just switched to lower levels of insurance cover?

And where is the evidence that those not taking their test are driving without a licence? Perhaps they are just not driving? If they have no money and no job perhaps the need to drive is reduced.
Dave, Leeds

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