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Driver proves old car couldn't do 98mph

Monday 26th January 2009

A motorist accused of speeding at 98mph beat the rap after spending £1,200 to prove his 14-year-old car could only reach 85mph.

Dale Lyle, 21, from Bristol, was amazed when he was told a mobile safety camera had clocked his 1.3 litre Honda Civic at nearly 100mph. He contested the case and magistrates told him to provide evidence to support his claim.

Mr Lyle said: "I was in total disbelief when I opened the letter. I have never driven any car at 98mph. It is such a small car I would not feel safe. It is a glorified Japanese shopping trolley."

So he bought back the car from the friend he had sold it to for £600, and paid an independent driving specialist another £600 to speed test it on a two-mile circuit. The results showed the Honda could only travel at a maximum of 85.4mph in fourth gear and 81.3mph in fifth gear.

After producing the evidence at Plymouth magistrates' court, the Crown Prosecution Service decided to offer no evidence against him. Mr Lyle now plans to ask the court for £1,200 in compensation to cover his costs.

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