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CRASH card scheme wins Prince Michael award

Wednesday 26th October 2011

An initiative which helps motorcyclists involved in crashes receive the assistance they need as quickly as possible has won a 2011 Prince Michael International Road Safety Award (PMIRSA).

The Ambulance Motorcycle Club received the award for its CRASH card scheme, under which a biker carries a small card containing personal information that can prove invaluable to the emergency services.

Ian Burrell, chairman of the Ambulance Motorcycle Club, said: “Thanks to the efforts of teams across the globe CRASH card has grown significantly in the last year.

“The public response to the scheme has always surprised us and the support it has received has been overwhelming.

“It came as wonderful surprise to learn that the club and the scheme has been awarded a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award.”

The PMIRSA are organised and managed by RoadSafe and are presented to individuals, companies or organisations in recognition of their outstanding contribution to improving road safety.

Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe, said: “Correct post-crash care is vitally important – these cards are a great help to those who deliver that important first line help at the crash scene.”

Click here for more information about the scheme, or contact the Ambulance Motorcycle Club on


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They have received an award for an idea that had been put into practise some time ago. Its been going about the country for the last 5 yrs or so.

Not that it's a bad idea, it's a good one, but it won't prevent accidents.

In the event of an accident I hope that the little or should I say minute green spot will be seen on the helmet. On other similar examples I have seen a one inch label with a green and white cross on. Looks a lot better and very visible.

I would also have liked to see further info where it can be a piece of paper stapled or glued to the card with other info that might be pertinent and of benefit to a casualty. The info contained at the moment would only be of value if averyone was covered with their medical history held on a computer, possibly.

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