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Drink driver asked cop the time

Monday 19th January 2009

A drink driver was arrested in Poland after he stopped to ask a policeman the time.

Ralf Bergmann, 23, sped off when the officer asked him to take a breath test - but drove straight into a police compound. Bergmann, from Germany, was then trapped as the automatic door to the police pound closed trapping him inside.

He’d been on a boozy trip with pals to Warsaw in neighbouring Poland when he stopped his car to ask a passer-by the time. But the man turned out to be an off-duty policeman, who said he was placing Bergmann under arrest for suspected drink driving.

A breath test showed he was two times over the legal limit and he had his licence confiscated.

A police spokesman said: "He thought he would drive off but he only drove into a lot of trouble."

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