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'Eye opening experience' for road safety experts

Thursday 13th October 2011

Road safety experts and business professionals attending two conferences in Scotland had an 'eye opening experience' about alcohol and drink-drive limits..

At two recent Scorsa (Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance) conferences in Fife and Hamilton, Jenny Wynn, managing director of specialist driver trainers, the TTC Group, demonstrated how one glass of wine can put a woman over the drink-drive limit.

Jenny Wynn said: “I asked how many people would go into a pub and ask for half a pint of wine. No-one put their hand up. I then proceeded to pour liquid from a half pint glass into a 250 ml wine glass to show that they were virtually the same. The audiences audibly gasped in sheer disbelief.”

Jenny went on to explain how one glass of wine at 12% or more volume was much stronger than half a pint of beer at 4%.

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Wow!!!!! What an interesting piece of information. But this being Scotland maybe they should have compared the drinking of a measure of whiskey at 45% proof to that of a pint of beer at 3.5% by volume.

Ladies drink wine and men drink beer or shorts. Simpless.
Bob Craven

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