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Educational resource delivers in Calderdale

Wednesday 12th October 2011

Puppets are being used in schools across Calderdale to help teenagers learn about staying safe on the roads.

‘Routes - The Teenage Highway Code’ has been developed by Steve Wright of the Puppet Broadcasting Centre, who has worked with the Calderdale road safety team and the Safer Roads Group to deliver the new resource.

Routes targets 11 - 15 year old students and includes live road shows, presentations, localised films and workshop training. It is supported by its own website and facebook page.

David Short, Calderdale’s road safety project officer and chair of the Safer Roads Group, said: “Routes‚ is at the cutting edge of road safety education, providing an exciting road safety resource for young teenagers.”

David Horsfall, head of personal development at Halifax High at Wellesley Park, said: “As a teacher and a parent I realise we can’t always wrap our pupils and children in cotton wool so we need to give them the chance to develop their own risk assessment skills and become more independent.

“Routes is a fantastic educational tool that gives the pupils the facts, shows them the potential dangers and explains ways of keeping safe by showing choices and consequences in a fun and engaging way that help prevent youngsters becoming the next statistic.”

Click here to visit the Routes website or for more information contact David Short on 01422 392142.


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Thanks to all the young people and colleagues in Calderdale who took part in creating this resource. Big thanks also to our colleagues at the SSRP in Sussex and Staffordshire Road Safety for their support. We are also grateful to Michelin for their continued support for the Routes project. Steve Wright PBC
Steve Wright - West Yorkshire

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