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'Good Egg' launches older persons' guide to road safety

Monday 19th September 2011

The Good Egg series has introduced a new guide designed to help keep older drivers and pedestrians up-to-date with the latest information and advice on reducing injury.

The ‘Older Persons Guide to Road Safety’ covers a range of topics from safer driving and car maintenance to pedestrian safety, health and getting around on public transport. It is the result of more than eight months of research and development in collaboration with road safety organisations. While it has been written primarily for older people it is also designed to appeal to their family and carers.

Alan Kennedy, chair of Road Safety GB, said: "The Older Persons Guide to Road Safety is an excellent publication, providing sound advice and information.

“This booklet will go a very long way to help our ageing population to use roads safely, as pedestrians, drivers, and passengers. It will also help road safety professionals to break down some of the traditional barriers when trying to reach the most 'experienced' road users."

Neil Greig, director of policy and research at the IAM, added: "This guide is an excellent resource for those who may not have thought about their driving for many years. I hope it will alert older drivers to those locations where the risk is higher but also act as a catalyst for an informed discussion with their families about when and how to finally hang up those car keys."

Liz Brooker, road safety officer at Lewisham Council, concluded: “I am delighted to have a professional resource that can be used with older road users in a way that is not condescending or childish, but offers sound practical advice about travel choices.

“As the guide comprehensively covers all modes of transport, I can use it safe in the knowledge that I am giving them the facts they need to make their own choice on when it is time to stop driving."

Click here for more information about the Older Persons Guide to Road Safety or call 0131 668 1880.


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I would like to add my recommendation to these reviews. As a road safety officer I found the publication interesting, to the point and most of all not condescending. I liked the booklet form and the way it was presented with the complimentary photographs. Well done Good Egg.
Ken Roberts, Grimsby

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Yet another fantastic guide from the 'Good Eggs' it's a real eye opener and makes you think a lot more, shows you can always learn new things. I love how this guide is wrote from the point of view of an older person and talks about "we" and "me". Excellent work!
Linsey Myers, South Yorkshire

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An excellent guide that should be embraced by anyone of any age. Continuous driver improvement should be a consideration for all. I hope that there will be a good take up for this worthwhile tool.
Janice, Dorking

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I hope that the guide includes the soon to be new road whereby its a pedestrian friendly area, which can also be shared with bicycles, motorcycles, cars, taxis, buses, lorries, pantechnicans etc. We have now several in Blackpool and the pedestrian injury rate is increasing.

Yes persons need info. I had to rescue an elderly pedestrian the other day on a new so called friendly and aesthetically pleasing roundabout, she was totally confused and walking round it the wrong way, as did two cyclists, right in the face of oncoming traffic. However I digress, she was confused by the black tiled paving and new road cobbled surface.

Now I know that these areas are common in and come from the Netherlands but why oh why are they here.

They are a danger to everyone and now the government wants to make vehiclular drivers financially liable for all yes all injuries sustained to any pedestrian who comes into contact with their car, for whatever reason on such a new area.

Beggers belief really.
Bob Craven, Lancs

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A very useful guide for older people and for the families of older people. Highly recommended.
Mr R Mackay, Edinburgh

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I am so pleased to see this guide in print. When my Dad had a serious fall with two bleeds on his brain, no one at the hospital mentioned driving. Only because of my job did I question his safety (and others) if he were to continue driving. I needed something to start the discussion and not look like an overbearing daughter who happens to be in road safety. In my opinion it is exactly what we need! A great way of introducing a conversation on driving, cycling, walking and public transport! With 80 being the new 70, keeping our older population mobile and safe is vital!
Liz, Lewisham

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