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New products combine safety with entertainment

Thursday 15th September 2011

A company that provides audio and infotainment solutions has unveiled a range of products designed to address safety and convenience when driving.

The new range from Harman includes the ‘Situational Human Machine Interface’ (HMI) which is designed to ensure that a driver can keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road, while still accessing on-line information and entertainment.

Harman’s ‘augumented navigation’ solution combines live motion video with route information on a single display screen, giving drivers a more accurate and realistic view of the road ahead.

Harman has also introduced a new camera-based parking aid, which mixes real camera data with virtual reality modelling to offer complete surround views of the perimeter of the car, from virtually any angle.

Michael Mauser of Harman, said: “Our vision is to combine vehicle efficiency, safety and convenience with the utmost in digital connectivity and entertainment. These new features are designed to take full advantage of the capabilities in today’s more connected, intelligent, and networked automobile to make the driving experience better and safer.”

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'A more accurate and realistic view of the road ahead' - more accurate and realistic than using their eyes to actually look where they're going? Unless we remove humans from the driving process altogether what we need is less in car distraction not more. Giving people gadgets to make up for their lack of skill or ability is just giving drivers an excuse not to improve.
Dave, Leeds

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