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Safer routes are key to increasing cycling: Brake

Wednesday 25th May 2011

More people would cycle if there were facilities enabling them to do so safely, according to research released by Brake, the road safety charity.

While cycling is becoming increasingly popular, the survey reveals that many people who do not cycle are discouraged because of safety fears in their area.

Of the 800 adults questioned, 71% never cycle on roads and 59% never cycle at all. 34% of people who do not currently cycle would do so between home and local amenities if there were cycle paths and trails connecting them.

Brake says that with investment in safe cycling facilities an additional 20% of adults could be persuaded to cycle to improve their health and reduce carbon emissions and congestion, improving the likelihood of children cycling more too.

Julie Townsend, campaigns director of Brake, said: “Cycling is an enjoyable, sustainable and healthy way of getting around and Brake wants to encourage more people to get on their bikes. However, it is vital that the Government is committed to making cycling as safe as possible and reduce the unacceptable number of cyclist deaths and serious injuries that occur each year.

“This research shows that if we want more people to cycle, we need to invest in safe cycle routes and schemes that protect cyclists. The message is clear: let´s encourage cycling by providing more traffic-free routes and other measures such as 20mph limits to enable people to get on their bikes in much greater safety.”

For more information contact Ellen Booth, from Brake on 01484 550067.


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Yes it appears that the government is committed to making cycling as safe as possible...... but at what cost to the rest of the highway using public.

When I was a police officer in the 60/70's pedal cyclists [and there were plenty of them] if under 11 yrs old were allowed by discretion to ride on the pavements only, not on pedestrian walkways. When eleven it was expected that they would be sensible enough to ride on the road, obey the laws of the land and behave responsibly or suffer prosecution or verbal caution. I know I was [cycling with a rear light out one evening made to walk home by police constable].

So how about going back in time and putting cyclists where they belong.... that is on the road where they can, because of their apparent increased numbers, happily be integrated with other road users and leave the footpaths for children, adult pedestrians, prams, the elderly and infirmed and stop this incessant babble of the poorly done - to cyclist, they have to grow up and behave like adults and not spoilt brats.

If they to take to the road, they have to do so at their own risk and learn how to ride defensively and properly just as other road users have to.
Bob Craven, Lancs

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