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SHARP stands added to THINK! mobile exhibitions

Sunday 22nd May 2011

Two new mobile exhibition stands promoting the SHARP helmet safety rating scheme have been added to the list of THINK! mobile exhibitions which are available to be loaned out to road safety teams.

These stands are different sizes to other THINK! displays, so anyone intending to book them should check the dimensions carefully before doing so.

The THINK! mobile exhibition range also includes cocaine and ecstasy drug drive banner stands.

Click here for more information about the SHARP helmet safety rating scheme.

Click here for full details about the new SHARP and drug drive stands and how to order them.


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Why when I go to buy a helmet am I not given the Sharp details. No salesman has ever admitted to having them. Nevermind a mobile advert lets have them at point of sale. It stands to reason, doesn't it.
Bob Craven

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