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Dramatic drop in Hull's child KSI figures

Friday 13th May 2011

The number of children killed or injured on Hull's roads has fallen by 75% in 20 years, Hull City Council figures have revealed.

The council said that 46 children aged under 16 were killed or injured in 2010 compared with 183 two decades earlier, citing its child pedestrian training course as having played an important role in the improved statistics.

Sue Boyeson, RSO, said: “Stop, look, listen and think about things is the basics of safety. This is basic pedestrian training, which is designed to give seven and eight year olds the skills that are necessary for life.

“We discuss with pupils the safe places to cross the road, the dangers and the consequences of when we don't cross safely. We then practise these skills outside, showing the children how to cross on the different types roads.”

Paul Goodwin, head teacher at Buckingham Primary School in Hull, said: “After the children have had their training you can see a notable difference in how they cross the road.

"I know parents [teach them] all the time; they do a fantastic job, but this is just reinforcement within school and especially when they're around their peers."

For more information contact Sue Boyeson on (01482) 612290.


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Congratulations and well done to all involved.

Lets hope the training continues and other parts of the country learn from these results.
Lynne, Lancashire

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