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Two legs good, four wheels bad!

Friday 18th March 2011

On June 15 more than 100,000 schoolchildren will march for road safety as part of Brake’s ‘Giant Walking Bus’ event.

The event is part of Brake’s ‘Kids Say Slow Down’ campaign which raises awareness to the potential dangers of traffic. It also helps raise funds for Brake’s services for road crash victims.

Brake says: “Every year we try to beat our own world record for the biggest walking bus. Let’s make 2011 the biggest ever. Kids of all ages from London to as far afield as Hebridian islands all take part in this giant march for a giant reason - to say no to speeding drivers, and yes to walking.

“The UK has one of the worst death rates in Europe for children killed on foot, most on their way to or from school. Half our kids are driven to school, increasing pollution and danger. It doesn't matter whether your bit of the march has five kids in it or 700, you can take part and make a difference.”

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